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Wednesday, 04 March 2015 10:18

Logistics in Motion - Video

Ever wondered what happens before you receive your items? Logistics is a set of processes that enables suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to collaborate and work together in bringing products to market. As consumers of these products, we have a limited understanding of how these processes seamlessly interconnect. This amazing video gives you a glimpse in to the world of distribution, which is just one part of the puzzle, never the less the video is amazing. 
With globalization, the world has literally become a global village.  As a result of open trade policies, everyday, more businesses are going global making the whole world a new marketplace. While it benefits the consumers with lower pricing and availability of variety of products, the businesses are challenged with fierce competition. In logistics industry, the competition is even worse considering the number of factors which affect the business. In such cut-throat competition, how can logistics companies be successful? To succeed, logistics companies must focus on being more competitive to enhance customer satisfaction and attract more business. Although, many of the freight…
2015 is here! The wave of positivity and change has surged through the Freight & Logistics industry bringing in new optimism.  This year is expected to bring in new business opportunities and growth. From sharp decline in crude oil prices to emergence of new markets, there is so much going on globally. It is very difficult to keep track of everything in our highly volatile industry. Yet it is important to know what is new and what to expect in 2015. To help you prepare for a year full of opportunities, we bring you the current and upcoming trends in…
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